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Equine Therapy Overview

Rein Changer

Linda Sawrey

Mobile: 0400 739 330

Email: reinchanger@hotmail.com

All programs are run at the beautiful Ricinda Ranch located in the stunning Flying Fox valley within easy reach of the Gold Coast & Brisbane.

Individual and group sessions are available  with flexible times & dates.

Linda has been working within the Healthcare sector providing support for patients, family and staff  with a particular focus on Safety and Quality for over 30 years. She is also a qualified Psychotherapist, Equine Assisted Psychotherapist and Director for Broken 2 Brilliant. Her main focus is supporting people to discover their true self by exploring within a safe and nurturing environment areas of social-emotional development, relationships, self-awareness, healing, growth and change.

Her Psychotherapy practice 'Rein Changer" runs a range of individual and group Equine Assisted programs including specifically for Children/ Adolescence/ Adults, support programs for Abuse survivors and staff working within Healthcare and Support Services. She also has custom designed programs for individual, team organisation levels that incorporate mindfulness, gestalt and neuroscience research aimed at building self awareness, resilience, relationship and communication skills for leaders and teams


What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

Equine Assisted therapy is a professional, creative and experiential approach used to support and explore therapeutic change and personal development for a broad range of client needs using the spirit of the horse- human relationship.

We offer equine learning and therapy sessions that are based on the models developed by the Equine Psychotherapy Institute of Australia.

Equine Assisted Therapy utilized successfully with clients exploring personal and spiritual growth, trauma and abuse, depression, anxiety, addictions, attachment disorders, personality disorders/traits, children with a range of needs and disorders, groups, couples, families and organistions.

Equine Assisted Learning is a specialist process of Experiential Learning for diverse clients addressing particular learning goals. Learning Goals may include Personal Development for children and adults or Professional Development goals. Goals may include psychosocial skills building, developing life skills, and developing particular organisational, business and work related skills such as working effectively in teams, leadership skills, psychological safety and whole body communication


How Equine Assisted Therapy is structured

Sessions occur in the safe and supportive environment in the paddock or yard at with the beautiful herd Ricinda Ranch Quarter Horse stud which is located within an easy commute of the Gold Coast or Brisbane.  It can be undertaken on a one to one level or in a herd environment and is based on the individual needs of the client/s involved and desired goals.

The Equine Assisted Therapy model works with relational horse experiences, such as herd meet, meeting horses in paddock, leading/ grooming sessions, led mounted sessions, and riding sessions. These experiences with horses are offered to clients, given the unique needs, goals and wants of the client, and, the wants and feelings of the horse/s.

The Power of the Horse- Human Spirit

Horses are incredibly smart, sensitive and beautiful creatures with soft and protective side. We are often drawn to them as they symbolize many of the aspects that hold true meaning to us such as freedom, expression, beauty and strength.  They can also evoke strong feeling and emotion within us assist us with seeing and feeling things that can be hidden within us which makes them very powerful and effective partners on therapy or personal development work.

Our herd at Ricinda Ranch is comprised predominately of mares and foals who have all been raised in a calm, safe environment with a deep connect to humans. Our horses openly seek closeness with people and view them as part of the herd and family. This allows clients to be able to explore many aspects such as awareness, boundaries, feelings, thinking, relationships and facing life’s challenges in a unique way using the horse- human connection.

Horses offer unique feedback that is honest and non-judgmental, emotional safety and trust, authentic communication and connectedness, evoke often unconscious feeling and needs and can move/ touch with such true closeness.  

The Equine Assisted Therapy and Learning sessions allow clients unique ways to explore, understand and accept their own self and then to develop, strengthen and grow new ways of moving forward with their lives. It is though self learning, understanding and acceptance and building supports and resources that changes will occur, not focusing on the change desired itself.  Our programs are designed to allow clients to explore feelings, patterns and behaviors in a safe and unique way by creating partnerships within our herd in ways more engaging, effective and life changing that traditional therapy/ learning models

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